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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Noooooo!! this isn't fair

ive just been the doctor about my tonsils and he said i have to make an appointment with a tonsil doctor about whether i should have them out. That means a needle. Argh! the plus side is that i get a private room with a tv and 2 weeks off school, wooo!
hehe went shopping before, i bought two new tops. ove ver purple and very gorgeous one and the other was very pretty. i also bought some hair dye. so what was pink will now be purple :D just hope it works on my hair. could be quite amusing tho if it goes all wierd and wonderful.

im extremley hungry so im gonna go hunt out food


Emma blogged at 5:25 pm

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I Have Music!!!

i tried to have different songs looping but that didnt work and i tried to add a section in 'My Stuff' so that you could choose music but that didnt work either so ill mess about and try and get something better working but until then you will have a random song looping. and todays song is Just A Girl by No Doubt.

im starting to get kinda hungry now all ive had today is a galaxy celebration and a bite of, what i think was, stale french bread. im in a tomato soup mood tho hmmm.

ive made a 2005 diary, it used to be a green unicef(i think) diary but now its a new imporved diary with all the boring bits cut out and the outer covered in the lush newspaper, oh but not just the lush newspaper its the page that has the biggest and most expensive gift box thingie:D he he he

i had a great idea for a skirt this morning. its the grey material i bought for christmas and itll be a flared panel skirt with a loop waistband and a back pocket. itll then be appliqued with cut oup people using the sizzix machine. really! it looks so cool in my head!

my hunger has gotten the better of me


Emma blogged at 1:31 pm

WOOOOO!!! How Cool Is My Blog!!!!!!

I made it all prettiful today and it has *drum roll* added features!!!! hehehe

theres a few problems with it tho:( i couldnt get my profile to link in the 'my stuff' part and the comments thingie has gone from the bottom of each blog. but there is a tag board!!! so comment away!

first day off school today and its going pretty well ive tidied my room and hoovered the house and made this prettiful. Hopefully gonna add some more stuff to it, like back ground music.

hehe actually adding music as im writing this, just hope it works.

write again soon gonna add the HTML now

Emma blogged at 11:27 am

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

He he ive figured out how to put pictures on this soooo i can put loads of great photos on this:D wooo!

Me looking dazed Posted by Hello

this photo was from last new year and my fringe occured when i had a terrible incident with a pair of straighteners. Hmmmm.

Bloody Hell!!

ive just been checking this annnnd

i look topless well as though i have nothing under the jacket!!!
hehe oh well

Emma blogged at 6:23 pm

Monday, December 20, 2004

He He He so happy

you know when things finally work out and you get that feeling wel not really a feeling more of a bloody big HA! in peoples faces, well i have that at the moment so...

8 8 8 8 88
8 8 8 8 88
8888 8 8888 88
8 8 8 8
8 8 8 8 88 (was a big red HA! but didnt work)

yeh woooo!

a random thing that rachelness made me do, but hehehe it was sooo fun:D

hehehehehehhe i think im estatic verging on giddy or it may be the other way round.
it feels so good to finally have people believe you and not make you out to be paranoid
but we all know that theres some people in the world who are LOSERS, did that sound mean?
well erm SEMI-LOSERS!!!

i think that the pleasure pain theory can be used to explain a lot in life. it kinda explains mine and dannys relationship. sometimes it can be so unbelievebly good that its beyond belief but othertimes it can be awful, thats been the past few days. but weve gotten through it and you never know we may be stronger for it.

i think i might shhh now

night night XxX

Emma blogged at 10:29 pm

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I'm in a Tori Amos mood again but this time its because im down. might listen to some suzanne vega too. oh! i heard tori amos on the radio on saturday. they played cornflake girl.
been too busy tonight. been working on my jewellery sketchbook and biology then a crappy carol concert then maths but discoverin i have the wrong sheet so argh! and not in the best of moods anyway.
my rooms a mess too, i blame dannys presents tho. theyre taking up lots of room.
ive ran out of things to say

Emma blogged at 9:33 pm

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Not in the best of moods at the moment. thought that two hours in the shower then bath would sort it but apparently not.
i sometimes wish that i could go back in time and change something but then i think what if by changing that one little thing i completely changed everything, could i risk it? i still avnt found the answer and probably never will.
about my mood... i have aching ankles and thighs, well not thighs more bone that connects leg to body, and i also (dont really know how to put this) i have a boyfriend who is peed off with me for being peed off with him for something hes done. dont you hate that. youre meant to completely trust your boyfriend arent you? what do you do if you cant? because im not sure anymore. i love him so much and trust him in every respect except this one. he has given me reason not to trust him. what the hell do i do? do i give him the chance to prove i can trust him or not?
too many questions, sorry

Emma blogged at 5:47 pm

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Yet again an extremly good day, getting worried tho something bad's bound to happen soon. Maybe my swollen fingers the thing. its extremly hard to type with it too and i look kinda poncy with my ring finger and little finger stuck up in the air. well my extremly severe injury was due to a rather nasty game of water polo (usally of which i'm an honuary guy, but nooo there had to be even teams tonight). i really shouldnt call our game water polo as it usally involves tickling grabbing people and a hell of a lot of other things. highly hilarious though!
wasnt too bad at swimming tonight, my speed was pretty good for once managed to kep up with the fastest. i blame my lack of speed on my body though(not that i dont love my body, i really do) as it isnt streamline my hair gets in the way and is heavy and my feet are tiny so overall i have a lot against me. i can go for hours tho:D
i have a biology test tomorrow that i really should be revising for and also a disection, reallly not looking forward to that but hey if i pass out itll be fun, what lesson is it? hmm ah 2nd. ill let you know how that goes!
all this typing is really hurting my finger:( so ill go now

Emma blogged at 8:28 pm

Well usally when i've got Tori Amos on I'm not too happy but... i am. Having second thoughts about this now, well hopefully noone will read it. Today's been quite a successful day in it's own little way and quite a happy one too. Damn therefore i have nothing to rant about. Hmm went college before though and was making some glass charms and got a few shards in my hands but hey, not enough to rant about.
Aren't cheese twists amazing. addictive too.
Ohhh i know what i can rant about, the medication i'm on. it has side effects that aren't too pleasent. the worst being nausea as it's stopping me from eating properly. (the medications for tonselitis not anything else)
i may ramble on this a few times so i apologise. what else can i do on this. Ah, i can post pics of things, you can all be kept up to date with the 'wonders' i create in my room/ anywhere i can. of course i'm also gonna rant so i apologise in advance if i hurt your feelings. unless you already know that i hate you with all i am, then yeh i dont apologise.
On a lighter note. i can post random pics of me! or not hmm
might go now

Emma blogged at 5:22 am