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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I Have Music!!!

i tried to have different songs looping but that didnt work and i tried to add a section in 'My Stuff' so that you could choose music but that didnt work either so ill mess about and try and get something better working but until then you will have a random song looping. and todays song is Just A Girl by No Doubt.

im starting to get kinda hungry now all ive had today is a galaxy celebration and a bite of, what i think was, stale french bread. im in a tomato soup mood tho hmmm.

ive made a 2005 diary, it used to be a green unicef(i think) diary but now its a new imporved diary with all the boring bits cut out and the outer covered in the lush newspaper, oh but not just the lush newspaper its the page that has the biggest and most expensive gift box thingie:D he he he

i had a great idea for a skirt this morning. its the grey material i bought for christmas and itll be a flared panel skirt with a loop waistband and a back pocket. itll then be appliqued with cut oup people using the sizzix machine. really! it looks so cool in my head!

my hunger has gotten the better of me


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