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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Yet again an extremly good day, getting worried tho something bad's bound to happen soon. Maybe my swollen fingers the thing. its extremly hard to type with it too and i look kinda poncy with my ring finger and little finger stuck up in the air. well my extremly severe injury was due to a rather nasty game of water polo (usally of which i'm an honuary guy, but nooo there had to be even teams tonight). i really shouldnt call our game water polo as it usally involves tickling grabbing people and a hell of a lot of other things. highly hilarious though!
wasnt too bad at swimming tonight, my speed was pretty good for once managed to kep up with the fastest. i blame my lack of speed on my body though(not that i dont love my body, i really do) as it isnt streamline my hair gets in the way and is heavy and my feet are tiny so overall i have a lot against me. i can go for hours tho:D
i have a biology test tomorrow that i really should be revising for and also a disection, reallly not looking forward to that but hey if i pass out itll be fun, what lesson is it? hmm ah 2nd. ill let you know how that goes!
all this typing is really hurting my finger:( so ill go now

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