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Monday, December 20, 2004

He He He so happy

you know when things finally work out and you get that feeling wel not really a feeling more of a bloody big HA! in peoples faces, well i have that at the moment so...

8 8 8 8 88
8 8 8 8 88
8888 8 8888 88
8 8 8 8
8 8 8 8 88 (was a big red HA! but didnt work)

yeh woooo!

a random thing that rachelness made me do, but hehehe it was sooo fun:D

hehehehehehhe i think im estatic verging on giddy or it may be the other way round.
it feels so good to finally have people believe you and not make you out to be paranoid
but we all know that theres some people in the world who are LOSERS, did that sound mean?
well erm SEMI-LOSERS!!!

i think that the pleasure pain theory can be used to explain a lot in life. it kinda explains mine and dannys relationship. sometimes it can be so unbelievebly good that its beyond belief but othertimes it can be awful, thats been the past few days. but weve gotten through it and you never know we may be stronger for it.

i think i might shhh now

night night XxX

Emma blogged at 10:29 pm