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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Not in the best of moods at the moment. thought that two hours in the shower then bath would sort it but apparently not.
i sometimes wish that i could go back in time and change something but then i think what if by changing that one little thing i completely changed everything, could i risk it? i still avnt found the answer and probably never will.
about my mood... i have aching ankles and thighs, well not thighs more bone that connects leg to body, and i also (dont really know how to put this) i have a boyfriend who is peed off with me for being peed off with him for something hes done. dont you hate that. youre meant to completely trust your boyfriend arent you? what do you do if you cant? because im not sure anymore. i love him so much and trust him in every respect except this one. he has given me reason not to trust him. what the hell do i do? do i give him the chance to prove i can trust him or not?
too many questions, sorry

Emma blogged at 5:47 pm