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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Well usally when i've got Tori Amos on I'm not too happy but... i am. Having second thoughts about this now, well hopefully noone will read it. Today's been quite a successful day in it's own little way and quite a happy one too. Damn therefore i have nothing to rant about. Hmm went college before though and was making some glass charms and got a few shards in my hands but hey, not enough to rant about.
Aren't cheese twists amazing. addictive too.
Ohhh i know what i can rant about, the medication i'm on. it has side effects that aren't too pleasent. the worst being nausea as it's stopping me from eating properly. (the medications for tonselitis not anything else)
i may ramble on this a few times so i apologise. what else can i do on this. Ah, i can post pics of things, you can all be kept up to date with the 'wonders' i create in my room/ anywhere i can. of course i'm also gonna rant so i apologise in advance if i hurt your feelings. unless you already know that i hate you with all i am, then yeh i dont apologise.
On a lighter note. i can post random pics of me! or not hmm
might go now

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