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Friday, January 21, 2005

Rach Trying To Run Away muhahahahahahahahah! Posted by Hello

Emma blogged at 9:39 pm

This is the coolest thing its a giant ruler on the floor, its by the walker gallering in liverpool, go check it out!! Posted by Hello

Emma blogged at 9:36 pm

Daniel Deciding To Take Random Pics Of Moving Buses Posted by Hello

Emma blogged at 9:34 pm

Daniels Mini Red Thing Posted by Hello

Emma blogged at 9:32 pm

well ive been working on a new site layout but everytime it get s a little further it falls a hell of a lot more back.
ah well
ive been up to quite a lot since i last posted i got a date for my op. its the last day of school. thats really pooey tho cos im ill on valentines day but hey it should still be ok.
mother is really really pissing me off at the moment. she started off shouting at me for nothing at all and then went through my room and sorted through everything.

ah not in a writing mood
speak soon XxX

Emma blogged at 9:21 pm

Monday, January 10, 2005

the raindroppies have gone as they didnt appear to want to say hi any more so i havr this for the time being. hopefully im gonna learn how to make my own template. muhahahahha
the possibilities!!! he he

Emma blogged at 10:45 pm

Ah bloody hell!

pictures come baccck! i suppose ill have to sort out the html
ah crap.

ive nearly eaten a whole box of jaffa cakes, poo ill get faaaat:(

i have purple hair again!! he he much better than last time too, its really strong too:D

according to dannywul photobucket bandwidth is exceeded therefore the pics cant be seen hmm

first day back to school today. i was actually dreading it because, erm, people are smelly. but yeh it was actually ok i only had 3 lessons and me and danny took a nice work in my double free.

big brother is a godsend for when you cant sleep. the random chatterings of them is guarenteed to help you to sleep. therefore i think big brother should run re runs of bigbrother live ever night:D

you know you learn somethign new everyday i learnt you need to take at least 24 paracetamols for liver damage/failure and itll take at least 5 days to kill you.

i made a book today for jewellery it pink and oh so pretty:D


im gonna finish now
cya XxX

Emma blogged at 9:57 pm

Friday, January 07, 2005

What The Hell Is Up With The Pictures!!


oh well
i have an addiction to orange cremes, im getting so fat!! really need to do more exercise. strawberry cremes are pretty yummy too!
stop me eating!!!!!
i can feel my belly enlarging as i type
that sounded too poosh.
Ahh lesbianism isnt it great!!!
so for all of you that dont know, im bi, woooo!!
so yeah, i finally sort out my straight life (well ish) and now i have to handle the most giant crush (according to Danny) on someone who will not be named but my god is she hot!
enough of my sex drive...
had a great day in liverpool today with danny, lots of shopping and eating and going round the galleries
cant be bothered to write any more

Emma blogged at 8:25 pm