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Monday, January 10, 2005

Ah bloody hell!

pictures come baccck! i suppose ill have to sort out the html
ah crap.

ive nearly eaten a whole box of jaffa cakes, poo ill get faaaat:(

i have purple hair again!! he he much better than last time too, its really strong too:D

according to dannywul photobucket bandwidth is exceeded therefore the pics cant be seen hmm

first day back to school today. i was actually dreading it because, erm, people are smelly. but yeh it was actually ok i only had 3 lessons and me and danny took a nice work in my double free.

big brother is a godsend for when you cant sleep. the random chatterings of them is guarenteed to help you to sleep. therefore i think big brother should run re runs of bigbrother live ever night:D

you know you learn somethign new everyday i learnt you need to take at least 24 paracetamols for liver damage/failure and itll take at least 5 days to kill you.

i made a book today for jewellery it pink and oh so pretty:D


im gonna finish now
cya XxX

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