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Friday, January 07, 2005

What The Hell Is Up With The Pictures!!


oh well
i have an addiction to orange cremes, im getting so fat!! really need to do more exercise. strawberry cremes are pretty yummy too!
stop me eating!!!!!
i can feel my belly enlarging as i type
that sounded too poosh.
Ahh lesbianism isnt it great!!!
so for all of you that dont know, im bi, woooo!!
so yeah, i finally sort out my straight life (well ish) and now i have to handle the most giant crush (according to Danny) on someone who will not be named but my god is she hot!
enough of my sex drive...
had a great day in liverpool today with danny, lots of shopping and eating and going round the galleries
cant be bothered to write any more

Emma blogged at 8:25 pm