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Monday, April 25, 2005

havnt wrote for a while but hey!!

so much has happened but i doubt i can remember it all or be bothered going into it. ah well


not only was she incredibly hot but had a great attitude and great dress sense!! grrr!!
i may get over this soon but she was so great and its the only program that im obsessed with... I MISSED IT at the weekend. we had a visitor shall we say and she kinda messed up the whole day and i lost track of time and argh!!! i missed it
but i read up on it and hopefully didnt miss too much

just hope that rebecca whore doesnt wreck their marriage, theyre so great together!!

now ill vent bout d of e. well the routes pretty much finalised and such after months of changing it and loads of pretty colours and toiletless campsites!!
well now im booking the campsites and well its not going too good. ive emailed one of them and *checks* they still havnt emailed back. tried to ring the other and kept getting the answering machine and well the 3rd i havnt the foggiest!!
ill try and sort it out tomorrow, hopefully!

he he art, its taking over my life! its all i seem to be doing at the moment. i think about doing another subject but then think nah, ill do art!!

drawing ladies at the moment *searches pc for pic of drawing* nah there doesnt seem to be one. ill put up the pics of the two i did for the last unit tho. theyre really pretty colours!!
this units great tho, i get to draw male and female forms. tis great fun and really relaxing. unless youre in a really crappy mood and then it just doesnt work.
at the moment my first canvas has a phototransfer of one of my drawing of a female and then fabric and beads and paper and such all round it ohh remind me to take my camera in tomorrow

ohh should send scott those pics

back to art, yeah. tis going good

well tech is another matter altogether
Mr Mlain wasnt in today:D:D great although our deadline is on friday.. not so good. ah well itll all work out in the end!!
think ive just about typed myself out

byee XxX

Emma blogged at 8:38 pm