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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Today has been a really really shit crap mess of a day (did want to put more words in there but blanked)

so pissed off and angry

woke up this morning/afternoon after having a dream well wasnt really a dream asit wasnt nice but wasnt scary so i guess you cant call it a nightmare
well it was shit and ended in crying and doubts and pissed offness and no im not going into it all but i will say one thing
i fucking hate janine

well yeah men are shit but so are women so really we should just kill all people on this planet and let the rest of it get on, itll be a hell of a lot better off as people are just horrible and dont really deserve the earth

im rambling but hey if i stop then ill think and get more pissed off and throw things and cry and it wont be good

hate men

really really hate them

no actually i dont hate men well not all men some of them are the nicest people in the world, really missing on eof them at the moment, cant remember the last time i spoke to him, few months ago, but i miss him so much. im really just gonna have to pick up the phone and call him.

really hate it when people drift apart

sorry bout all the spaces, the repetitiveness of pressing the button pver and over again is really soothing.

ill stop now before i say something really stupid

Emma blogged at 10:54 pm

OMGoSH the wierdestthing just happened

a random cat came in my room!!!!!! through the window!!!!!!!!


Emma blogged at 10:09 pm

Monday, May 30, 2005


i should have been revising but hell no ive been sewing instead!!!

ill post everything that ive been sewing latercos the pic thing only lets me put one in a post:S

but omgosh i love them!!!

not really much more to write really. missing danny. barely gettingto talk to him. bout an hour on msn and a few txts:( its not good.

well after tidyingmy room its slightly messy again... but thats due to my sewingness!! i promise

still gotta finish off a skirt, hmm what to do with it. ah ill come up with something.

i really gotta revise tomorrow, i will make myself do it!!

well at least i think ive got the sewing bug outta me. still gotta make a record purse tho.

signed up to a swap today, twas a bag and bracelet swap so that should be fun.

hope i get in tho!!! fingers crossed.

well ive just put all the pics on now so theyll be below this post so you wont be confronted by seminakedness as soon as you look at the blog.

managed to poo up my sleeping times, going to bed late and getting up early :(

kinda shortens the day:(

ergh i think im outta things to say, not reallyhad an eventful life recently.

ah well night XxX

decided to add,
TORI AMOS IN (has to recount) 6 DAYS!!!!!!!

Emma blogged at 10:31 pm

purty bag Posted by Hello

yay!!! this is the bag i made yesterday, its so big and yay:D

deff taking it to the tori amos concert!! which is only *counts*6 days away!!!!!!!!!
OMFSUCKINGGOSH i cant wait!!!

is the day before the exams but who cares!!! its TORI AMOS!!!

i so have to make orange knickers to wear, hmmm....

Emma blogged at 10:30 pm

close up Posted by Hello

this is a closeup of the detail on the knickers. excuse the untidy sewing, they hadnt been completely finished by this point.
theres bitslike this on the bra too:D

Emma blogged at 10:28 pm

me:D Posted by Hello

this is my in my new bra and knicker set... as made by me:D
not the most flattering of bras as it kinda minimises:( but hey!!! im gonna make more!!!!!

Emma blogged at 10:26 pm

Fun Posted by Hello

hehe second pair of knickers i made. theyre from an old tshirt and the pic thingie says i love fun:D
so comfy too

Emma blogged at 10:25 pm

Friday, May 27, 2005

Yay i have a slightly better blog, i hope.
well what changes have i made:

  • theres a guest book
    you can all leave me lovely, or not so lovely, messages
    ohh dont know if the mood thing will work or if itll come up as a random number, as it did for me. we'll just have to see.
    there also might be a bit of a mix up in the email/website dept. ah well i'll get it sorted.
    oh and yeh the guestbook only allows you one post per day, could be more butthen i'd have to pay and well... no.
  • the more observant of youwill also notice that the green bar on the *waves hands to figure out which side* right hand side is further to the right. this was to accomadate for the guest book
  • ohh i apologise for the colours of the guestbook, i hopefully will getthem sorted but the hex colours werent being very nice to me..
  • the chatterbox now actually has a title as i was getting confused as to what was what, nd yeh its my blog, ah well. so now i wont get confused between the archives and the chatterbox.
  • ohh and theres a new counter as the old one kinda disappeared :S, its also further down as it was clashing with the chatterbox.

well im beginning to think its time for a brand new change.. im thinking pink!! and purple!!!!

hmm i have an idea, i may work on it between my 'revising'

i have so much to do, well i dont really i should just be revising. but!! theres an art competition running in st helens and i really wanna enter, only problem is that theres a size limit of 1mx1m and well for my paintings/messes to work properly they kinda have to be at least twice that size. ill work on it tho and if it doesnt look good then it wont go in.

i also really wanna go shopping, preferably liverpool with danwul but dont know if ill have time. wanna get the bus too, its actually cheaper than the train:S and ivenever been along a motorway on a bus, well i guess thats what they go along cant really see them going a long winded route. hmm we'll see hopefully.

OMGOSH!!!! telewest have decided *rolls eyes* that cable to cable calls will no longer be free (apart from the 6p connection charge) on evenings and weekends!!!!! this only comesinto action on july 1st so ill have to get chatting!!!!!!!!!

well to overcome this i think i may start using skype ( it looks so great, ive downloaded it and hopefully im gonna get skypein so people can phone me :D (costs bout £20) what else oh yeh credit so i can phone landlines :D works out at bout 1.1p/minso its not that bad. i really really really!!have to get one of the usbphones tho!! trynna find a cheap one as im gonna have no money for clothes or shoes!!! so yeah skype :D

i actually tidied my room today, hate to admit it but it was a terrible state. sorted out all my jewellery too. i have the coolest wooden frame(Pink :D) with wire and such to hang jewellery off but i have too much of the stuff and it kept falling off.... soo ive put it in the drawers for my jewellery making stuff. its arranged my colour and type and my gosh i have so many rings :

ohh i also discovered today that a girl can have too many bags... my room is over run with them.

my computer got sorted out today too. i finally found the power adaptor for the *checks* 4 port usb hub. this means that i can actually have my usb thing permantly connected to my pc :D yay no more pulling it out and changing wires and such:D i also changed my mouse today. i did have a wireless one to go with the keyboard butit was shit. you had to blow onthe ball to get it to work (kinky i know) so i got a new one and its been hangin around for ages and i finally changed it today. tis great, really sleek and fits my hand great.. cos igot ikkle girly hands. to go with my ugly tiny feet and believe me they are ugly, just ask daniel.

OW!!! i justpoked myself in the eye.

my gosh i talk a lot.

think i might be talked out so byeee XxX

Emma blogged at 8:04 am

Sunday, May 22, 2005

ive got yorkshire puds in the oven and the sweetest thing on tv, isnt it great:D

i bit the side of my tongue before and it really hurt and now my tongue s really really sore and flat :S rather strange.

lol love this movie!

gonna check on my puds


they need a little longer to just brown up

hehe daniels back online

time to test out my erm 'practical joke'


well i think daniels had a heart attack, hasnt replied for a few mins

well i succeeded in scaring the poor guy

and ive eaten my yummy yorkshire puds

hehe gonna goand watch the movie:D

Emma blogged at 9:35 pm

Friday, May 13, 2005

hey!! havnt wrote for a while been so busy. completely forgotten what i came on here to say
ah well ill talk bout fishnets. i really need some new ones, have black socks black tights and beige tights. really need some bright colour ones.

well d of e was completely shite.. for the first time ever my feet hurt. i sprained both ankles on the first day and had to give up half way thru the 3rd. ah well twas only a practise and ill hopefully be back to normal on the final :D

i love home and away!! although i think cains doing the wrong thing. ohhhhh suspense!!!

does anyone watch the farm? is chiticalina..?? jeff koons ex wife? pretty sur she is dont think theres many ex parliment pornstars.

argh hate makeover programs, they piss me off so much!!!!!!!!!!

also hate mp3 players. i think theyll be the downfall of society. pretty much everyone has one and so if you want to talk to someone you have to get right in their faces and shout really loud just to get their attention. then theres the people who sing along to their music. yeah you might want to listen to your music bt we dont!!!!!!!

so.. anyone wanna rebel agaisnt the mp3 players?

broke up from college today for the exams, two weeks of study leave :D:D:D and then a week of holidays. cant wait!!!!!!

mmmmm fruit allsorts ill have to try them

lol that familys behaving badly looks quite good
bbs teas up

Emma blogged at 6:35 pm

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ive had a funny kinda day, theres been times when ive just wanted to scream and cry and then others where im estatically happy..

i managed to subdue the screaming and crying my painting naked ladies. its going rather well should hopefully turn out ok. they werent actual real naked ladies tho. dont think id get many volunteers for that.

i had the bestest idea at lunch!!! a nude d of e painting. we could all be walking with nowt but backpacks on. would make a great pic.

yeah mr mclains a ******* the deadline for the cwk was tomorrow but he changed it to today, today!! he didnt exactly change it tho he decided that its always been today even after he was told a lot of very good reasons as to why it was tomorrow.

not a happy bunny

my hands are covered in ick!! just been doing half of my first as exam:D 2hrs 30mins down 2 hrs 30 mins to go:D

and its going so well. even the mistakes have turned out good. prob just jinxed it and itll suck tomorrowah well. anyone know how to dull down aluminium?

i feel like a godd natter to daniel but hes not online and i doubt he'd wanna phone at this time. ishould probably also be doing my tech work. ah well. really cant be arsed with it anymore. definately gonna drop it next year no matter what result i get, its not worth the stress!!

been shopping for my d of e food tonight too. got ainsley harriot noodle things and some pasta things and mars bars and loads of nutrigrain bars. should keep me going.

argh really need a pee brb

Emma blogged at 10:30 pm

Sunday, May 01, 2005


well i havn't gotten much homework done.
anyone wanna help me with my stats, i really cant be bothered to do it and well theres shit loads of the stuff.

i have actually done quite a lot of stuff today. i got cravings for hair dye so decided to dye my hair. my fringe now has subtle pink streaks underneath it, looks quite cool clipped back.
really need some more hair dye tho. i quite like the colourpulse stuff it doesnt take long to dye and washesoutreally well and the colours great. the best purple tho is the schwarskoph(sp?) live stuff in a sachet. been tempted to dye all my hair that colour but i dont wanna ruin my blondeness :(

oh i also pin curled my sisters hair, its now got that toussled look, so jealous...

i really should get the video player in my room working. i bought some like it hot a while back on video (Marilyn Monroe:D) and itsbeen sitting on my desk going *watch me! watch me!!!* ah well ill get round to it sometime.

also gotta watch Voices of a distant star, hmm ill add the link to the webpage

you may think it looks crap, but it made me cry so much and theres a cute little kittie cat movie kinda thing on the dvd too.

daniel also wants me to read the davinci code but i just cant get into it, its sitting there teasing me
speaking of daniel :D

hes coming round tomorrow:D:D

grr got a really stiff neck at the mo, thinking it might be the trampolines fault. tis really scary when theres 3 of you on all jumping at the same time.

arghhh!! i really really need to go shopping i have like a list 3 miles long of stuff i wanna buy. gotta get some sensiblethings like knickers and a sports bra for d of e tho. i was going thru my underwear drawer yesterday trying to find sensible knickers not thongs or strings or lacy shorts things and there were barely any!!! and my bras are pretty nonsupportive and uncomfy for doing long expeditions in :( just hope they have my size tho. the back of the packets sometimes say they do but they never seem to have any.. tisnt fair! and the fact that they dont usually do fun character bras above d's!

does anyone know why the oc wasnt on today?? wasnt happy after the morning after show when i got all comfy and waited for the oc to start... and racing came on!!!

whats up with that!!!!

really should do some hwk, got an exam next week and then one the week after that and a do of e expo inthe middle

ohh some good news, maths teacher said she either put my estimated grade as an A or a B, couldnt remember which. so wooo!! for that.

ok will gonow
byeee XxXx

Emma blogged at 2:24 pm


well i hope so.. it works for me

cant get it to update more regulary tho i will try tho as i seem to be getting stuck with really funny/godugly faces.

ahh i love sunday tv

the morning after show soo hilarious!! and then THE OC!!!! and i missed it last week :'( but ive caught up and i will NOT miss it today. ihave to get everylast second of alex and make the most of it.

speaking of alex.. the alex guy in playing it straight. i swear im falling in love with him!!
hes perfect:( so yeah he's probably gay..
but i will live in denile and pretend he isnt! :D

back to la webcam, i apologise for it but its oh so funny ohhhh and i did try to add a really pretty background and such but it wont show :( sowwy!!

i need to go shopping although i probably shouldnt.. i spent £30 on wednesday but the skirt is soooo pretty and the cardy top thing is perfect!!! i can wear it with like everything

yeah i need to go shopping for what i think may be a new dress. because i so need a new outfit to go see tori amos!!!! wonder how long to go *thinks* 1 month and 4 days!!! my gosh!!!!
then its like another 4 days after that til my birthday:D when i will be unleashed on the road. hehehe cant wait, i could go liverpool every weekend!!! well ive got to pass my test first. hmmm that may be a little hard :(

i should prob go i have lots of homework to do

byeee xxx

Emma blogged at 1:21 am