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Sunday, May 01, 2005


well i havn't gotten much homework done.
anyone wanna help me with my stats, i really cant be bothered to do it and well theres shit loads of the stuff.

i have actually done quite a lot of stuff today. i got cravings for hair dye so decided to dye my hair. my fringe now has subtle pink streaks underneath it, looks quite cool clipped back.
really need some more hair dye tho. i quite like the colourpulse stuff it doesnt take long to dye and washesoutreally well and the colours great. the best purple tho is the schwarskoph(sp?) live stuff in a sachet. been tempted to dye all my hair that colour but i dont wanna ruin my blondeness :(

oh i also pin curled my sisters hair, its now got that toussled look, so jealous...

i really should get the video player in my room working. i bought some like it hot a while back on video (Marilyn Monroe:D) and itsbeen sitting on my desk going *watch me! watch me!!!* ah well ill get round to it sometime.

also gotta watch Voices of a distant star, hmm ill add the link to the webpage

you may think it looks crap, but it made me cry so much and theres a cute little kittie cat movie kinda thing on the dvd too.

daniel also wants me to read the davinci code but i just cant get into it, its sitting there teasing me
speaking of daniel :D

hes coming round tomorrow:D:D

grr got a really stiff neck at the mo, thinking it might be the trampolines fault. tis really scary when theres 3 of you on all jumping at the same time.

arghhh!! i really really need to go shopping i have like a list 3 miles long of stuff i wanna buy. gotta get some sensiblethings like knickers and a sports bra for d of e tho. i was going thru my underwear drawer yesterday trying to find sensible knickers not thongs or strings or lacy shorts things and there were barely any!!! and my bras are pretty nonsupportive and uncomfy for doing long expeditions in :( just hope they have my size tho. the back of the packets sometimes say they do but they never seem to have any.. tisnt fair! and the fact that they dont usually do fun character bras above d's!

does anyone know why the oc wasnt on today?? wasnt happy after the morning after show when i got all comfy and waited for the oc to start... and racing came on!!!

whats up with that!!!!

really should do some hwk, got an exam next week and then one the week after that and a do of e expo inthe middle

ohh some good news, maths teacher said she either put my estimated grade as an A or a B, couldnt remember which. so wooo!! for that.

ok will gonow
byeee XxXx

Emma blogged at 2:24 pm