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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ive had a funny kinda day, theres been times when ive just wanted to scream and cry and then others where im estatically happy..

i managed to subdue the screaming and crying my painting naked ladies. its going rather well should hopefully turn out ok. they werent actual real naked ladies tho. dont think id get many volunteers for that.

i had the bestest idea at lunch!!! a nude d of e painting. we could all be walking with nowt but backpacks on. would make a great pic.

yeah mr mclains a ******* the deadline for the cwk was tomorrow but he changed it to today, today!! he didnt exactly change it tho he decided that its always been today even after he was told a lot of very good reasons as to why it was tomorrow.

not a happy bunny

my hands are covered in ick!! just been doing half of my first as exam:D 2hrs 30mins down 2 hrs 30 mins to go:D

and its going so well. even the mistakes have turned out good. prob just jinxed it and itll suck tomorrowah well. anyone know how to dull down aluminium?

i feel like a godd natter to daniel but hes not online and i doubt he'd wanna phone at this time. ishould probably also be doing my tech work. ah well. really cant be arsed with it anymore. definately gonna drop it next year no matter what result i get, its not worth the stress!!

been shopping for my d of e food tonight too. got ainsley harriot noodle things and some pasta things and mars bars and loads of nutrigrain bars. should keep me going.

argh really need a pee brb

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