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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Today has been a really really shit crap mess of a day (did want to put more words in there but blanked)

so pissed off and angry

woke up this morning/afternoon after having a dream well wasnt really a dream asit wasnt nice but wasnt scary so i guess you cant call it a nightmare
well it was shit and ended in crying and doubts and pissed offness and no im not going into it all but i will say one thing
i fucking hate janine

well yeah men are shit but so are women so really we should just kill all people on this planet and let the rest of it get on, itll be a hell of a lot better off as people are just horrible and dont really deserve the earth

im rambling but hey if i stop then ill think and get more pissed off and throw things and cry and it wont be good

hate men

really really hate them

no actually i dont hate men well not all men some of them are the nicest people in the world, really missing on eof them at the moment, cant remember the last time i spoke to him, few months ago, but i miss him so much. im really just gonna have to pick up the phone and call him.

really hate it when people drift apart

sorry bout all the spaces, the repetitiveness of pressing the button pver and over again is really soothing.

ill stop now before i say something really stupid

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