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Sunday, May 01, 2005


well i hope so.. it works for me

cant get it to update more regulary tho i will try tho as i seem to be getting stuck with really funny/godugly faces.

ahh i love sunday tv

the morning after show soo hilarious!! and then THE OC!!!! and i missed it last week :'( but ive caught up and i will NOT miss it today. ihave to get everylast second of alex and make the most of it.

speaking of alex.. the alex guy in playing it straight. i swear im falling in love with him!!
hes perfect:( so yeah he's probably gay..
but i will live in denile and pretend he isnt! :D

back to la webcam, i apologise for it but its oh so funny ohhhh and i did try to add a really pretty background and such but it wont show :( sowwy!!

i need to go shopping although i probably shouldnt.. i spent £30 on wednesday but the skirt is soooo pretty and the cardy top thing is perfect!!! i can wear it with like everything

yeah i need to go shopping for what i think may be a new dress. because i so need a new outfit to go see tori amos!!!! wonder how long to go *thinks* 1 month and 4 days!!! my gosh!!!!
then its like another 4 days after that til my birthday:D when i will be unleashed on the road. hehehe cant wait, i could go liverpool every weekend!!! well ive got to pass my test first. hmmm that may be a little hard :(

i should prob go i have lots of homework to do

byeee xxx

Emma blogged at 1:21 am