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Monday, May 30, 2005


i should have been revising but hell no ive been sewing instead!!!

ill post everything that ive been sewing latercos the pic thing only lets me put one in a post:S

but omgosh i love them!!!

not really much more to write really. missing danny. barely gettingto talk to him. bout an hour on msn and a few txts:( its not good.

well after tidyingmy room its slightly messy again... but thats due to my sewingness!! i promise

still gotta finish off a skirt, hmm what to do with it. ah ill come up with something.

i really gotta revise tomorrow, i will make myself do it!!

well at least i think ive got the sewing bug outta me. still gotta make a record purse tho.

signed up to a swap today, twas a bag and bracelet swap so that should be fun.

hope i get in tho!!! fingers crossed.

well ive just put all the pics on now so theyll be below this post so you wont be confronted by seminakedness as soon as you look at the blog.

managed to poo up my sleeping times, going to bed late and getting up early :(

kinda shortens the day:(

ergh i think im outta things to say, not reallyhad an eventful life recently.

ah well night XxX

decided to add,
TORI AMOS IN (has to recount) 6 DAYS!!!!!!!

Emma blogged at 10:31 pm