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Friday, May 13, 2005

hey!! havnt wrote for a while been so busy. completely forgotten what i came on here to say
ah well ill talk bout fishnets. i really need some new ones, have black socks black tights and beige tights. really need some bright colour ones.

well d of e was completely shite.. for the first time ever my feet hurt. i sprained both ankles on the first day and had to give up half way thru the 3rd. ah well twas only a practise and ill hopefully be back to normal on the final :D

i love home and away!! although i think cains doing the wrong thing. ohhhhh suspense!!!

does anyone watch the farm? is chiticalina..?? jeff koons ex wife? pretty sur she is dont think theres many ex parliment pornstars.

argh hate makeover programs, they piss me off so much!!!!!!!!!!

also hate mp3 players. i think theyll be the downfall of society. pretty much everyone has one and so if you want to talk to someone you have to get right in their faces and shout really loud just to get their attention. then theres the people who sing along to their music. yeah you might want to listen to your music bt we dont!!!!!!!

so.. anyone wanna rebel agaisnt the mp3 players?

broke up from college today for the exams, two weeks of study leave :D:D:D and then a week of holidays. cant wait!!!!!!

mmmmm fruit allsorts ill have to try them

lol that familys behaving badly looks quite good
bbs teas up

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