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Friday, May 27, 2005

Yay i have a slightly better blog, i hope.
well what changes have i made:

  • theres a guest book
    you can all leave me lovely, or not so lovely, messages
    ohh dont know if the mood thing will work or if itll come up as a random number, as it did for me. we'll just have to see.
    there also might be a bit of a mix up in the email/website dept. ah well i'll get it sorted.
    oh and yeh the guestbook only allows you one post per day, could be more butthen i'd have to pay and well... no.
  • the more observant of youwill also notice that the green bar on the *waves hands to figure out which side* right hand side is further to the right. this was to accomadate for the guest book
  • ohh i apologise for the colours of the guestbook, i hopefully will getthem sorted but the hex colours werent being very nice to me..
  • the chatterbox now actually has a title as i was getting confused as to what was what, nd yeh its my blog, ah well. so now i wont get confused between the archives and the chatterbox.
  • ohh and theres a new counter as the old one kinda disappeared :S, its also further down as it was clashing with the chatterbox.

well im beginning to think its time for a brand new change.. im thinking pink!! and purple!!!!

hmm i have an idea, i may work on it between my 'revising'

i have so much to do, well i dont really i should just be revising. but!! theres an art competition running in st helens and i really wanna enter, only problem is that theres a size limit of 1mx1m and well for my paintings/messes to work properly they kinda have to be at least twice that size. ill work on it tho and if it doesnt look good then it wont go in.

i also really wanna go shopping, preferably liverpool with danwul but dont know if ill have time. wanna get the bus too, its actually cheaper than the train:S and ivenever been along a motorway on a bus, well i guess thats what they go along cant really see them going a long winded route. hmm we'll see hopefully.

OMGOSH!!!! telewest have decided *rolls eyes* that cable to cable calls will no longer be free (apart from the 6p connection charge) on evenings and weekends!!!!! this only comesinto action on july 1st so ill have to get chatting!!!!!!!!!

well to overcome this i think i may start using skype ( it looks so great, ive downloaded it and hopefully im gonna get skypein so people can phone me :D (costs bout £20) what else oh yeh credit so i can phone landlines :D works out at bout 1.1p/minso its not that bad. i really really really!!have to get one of the usbphones tho!! trynna find a cheap one as im gonna have no money for clothes or shoes!!! so yeah skype :D

i actually tidied my room today, hate to admit it but it was a terrible state. sorted out all my jewellery too. i have the coolest wooden frame(Pink :D) with wire and such to hang jewellery off but i have too much of the stuff and it kept falling off.... soo ive put it in the drawers for my jewellery making stuff. its arranged my colour and type and my gosh i have so many rings :

ohh i also discovered today that a girl can have too many bags... my room is over run with them.

my computer got sorted out today too. i finally found the power adaptor for the *checks* 4 port usb hub. this means that i can actually have my usb thing permantly connected to my pc :D yay no more pulling it out and changing wires and such:D i also changed my mouse today. i did have a wireless one to go with the keyboard butit was shit. you had to blow onthe ball to get it to work (kinky i know) so i got a new one and its been hangin around for ages and i finally changed it today. tis great, really sleek and fits my hand great.. cos igot ikkle girly hands. to go with my ugly tiny feet and believe me they are ugly, just ask daniel.

OW!!! i justpoked myself in the eye.

my gosh i talk a lot.

think i might be talked out so byeee XxX

Emma blogged at 8:04 am